Yoga to Let Your Inner Beauty and Health Shine Through

For a person to have a truly beautiful body and radiate that beauty they must be flexible. Yoga is considered the best way the world over to gain that flexibility. Yoga stretching should never be considered a competition. As you practice yoga you will find that you are more flexible in some areas then others. You will also find that a great deal of energy begins to return to you. This is the kind of energy you had as a kid. Not just the physical energy, but the mental energy that makes you want to live life.

It has been said and repeated down through the ages that you are as young as your spine is flexible. Take a moment and look at the people you know. I am sure you know that older person that is full of energy and always seems to be on the go. Take a closer look and you will see that they are very flexible for their age. Now look at a person who is younger, that seems much older then their age. Again you will find that this person is very stiff and inflexible.

The word yoga literally means union. The practice of yoga asanas will bring the body, mind and spirit together as one. Most people as they sit now are fragmented. This means that their body has it’s own desires and pulls in one way while the mind and spirit are pulling in other directions. This causes internal conflict, addictions, obesity and a host of other problems. When these conflicts are present the person cannot operate as a cohesive unit, causing them to only live partially or not to live up to their potential.

There now exist many different types of yoga with countless subgroups. All of these different types of yoga have one goal in common and that is the union of the person. There are two main types of yoga that most people are concerned with. The first is Hatha yoga and this is the physical asanas or exercises. The second is Raja yoga, this this the type of yoga that involves meditation.

Hatha yoga, even for the beginner will start to make you feel more alive. The simple looking asanas can have amazing effects on your inner and outer beauty while transforming the spirit. When one takes a look at the asanas without practicing it is hard to believe what incredible transformation power they hold. With just a couple days of practice you will begin to feel your body and entire being transforming.

Raja yoga or the practice of meditation will seemingly transform those around you. Without any noticeable changes in yourself, people you encounter will become friendlier, more helpful and just all around more enjoyable to be with. You will even begin to get that close parking space, find things come to you when you need them and a host of other positive things. One reason for this is the inner beauty you begin to radiate.

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